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Homunculi Envy Community
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Hello everyone. Do you like Fullmetal Alchemist's Envy? Do you want to be in a community all about Envy? If so, please, join us!


Anything in the Livejournal Terms of Service is against the rules

Other Rules:

1. Put spoilers, fanfictions, and images under an LJ-Cut.
2. All HENTAI or FANFICTION rated NC-17 must have warnings and be under an LJ-Cut.
3. Try your best not to spam.
4. No netspeak EXCEPT for: "wtf" "lol", and any and all faces are allowed. ( ^_^ )
5. You MUST be a fan of Envy, the homunculi in FMA. Or at least like him.

Optional: I'd like very much for everyone to introduce themselves when they join, but as I said, this is optional. On intros, it is ALSO optional to fill out the Random Crap, which was so graciously and unknowingly created by sora_sama. Post your Random Crap as 2 comments (as it takes up that many) here, the "Universal Random Crap." Post your intros as a new post.

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Color of Envy: An excellent shrine to Envy
Fullmetal-Alchemist.com: A site full of information on the anime, manga, and has a forum and mage section, and more.
FullMetalAlchemist.com: Official American Website
FullMetalAlchemist.info: Provides pictures, character descriptions, episode summaries, news, and more.
Hagane no Renkinjutsushi: Japanese site that has useful information. If you can read Japanese...
Hagane no Renkinjutsushi Movie: Japanese site for the movie.

That's basically it. Join, have fun, and what not.

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